These are walks that are close to the car park and on surfaced paths


Walk 1

Leave the car park at a gap in the fence on the Eastern side. If you face the sea, at the ornamental woodland entrance gate, walk towards the picnic area and look for the gap which is on your right.

There are a few steps here leading you to the lower level, so if you need to negotiate a push chair, then please bear this in mind. However, once down, and its not far, there is a really nice surfaced path through the trees, which eventually joins the bottom main path.

From here you could turn right and return to the car park; or you could turn left and make your way to Peters Pond. On the way you will see the first sculpture, an owl. See walk 2 for the full sculpture trail walk. The pond itself now has good access to its banks, although the path around it can get a little wet in Winter. The next  woodland sculpture, a Heron, overooks the pond, and there is a seat provided for you to rest or to just watch the wildlife.

After you leave here, just back track along the botttom path and return to the car park.

Whichever you choose, the distance is short, but rewarding.

Walk 2. The Sculpture Trail

Leave the car park by the ornamental gate. The one where walk 1 finished. A short way along the path, you will see a set of steps on the right. Ascend these and when you arrive at the path junction, turn right. Along here the first of the scuptures to be admired is a Squirrel.

On leaving, carry on in the direction that you were going until a path cross roads is met. Here you need to turn left. Soon, on the right, the next sculpture is of a Deer and her Fawn.

Still carrying on, there is a surfaced path that goes off to the right. Ignore this. Keep on the path that you left the last sculpture on, and look for the cluster of Owls to your right. To get here it was quite a pull up the hill, so take advantage of seats for a  rest and to admire the woodland.

After leaving the Owls, the walk is now downhill, and the next sculpture to meet with, is that of a bird of prey landing. Its at the bottom of a set of steps and, once again, close to a seat.

Keep following the main path downwards until you see the ornamental gate above the houses. Turn left now and walk towards Peters Pond. This is where the Heron sculpture is. See walk 1. Once again, rest and observe if you wish.

The walk now returns to the car park along the main path, passing another sculpture on the way, an Owl.

On reaching the car park, look out for the group of Hedgehogs.

There is one more sculpture, but to see it you will need to ascend the steps near to the bird of prey. Most of the 210, before tuning right along a small track. The Geen Man depicted on the home page. Maybe another day?

If you use the steps for the start, then pushchair users will find difficulty. There is an alternative, and that is to use the first path when leaving the car park. This is on the right before the steps and descends into a lovely valley behind the car park. It eventually brings you out at a point where you will turn left and meet up with the walk after the squirrel sculpture. If you wish to see this, then just dog leg to it at the cross track.
This alternative route is shown with red arrows.



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