New Access at Quarry Lane

For some time it has been asked of us to create a new access to the wood at the Eastern end off Quarry Lane.
It has meant a walk to the top of the hill along a lane that shares its use with horse and bike riders.
During the Winter of 2013 we made a start and used the stile under the power line as the entrance.

The vegetation at this point was so bad that we made the start at the top of the hill, and created a path parallel to Quarry lane just inside the wood, down to the stile.

This is just through the stile entrance giving access to the higher level where the new path divides. To the right takes you into a nicely cleared area and eventually up to the ruined winding house. The left uses the parallel path with Quarry lane and brings you out on the bottom forestry road.

We come through the wood Westwards towards the area of the ruined winding house. This way is up a natural valley. The way from the steps on the previous picture is marked and very clear.

During this period, we had our end of year work days and the usual Christmas BBQ.
On starting again in the new year new steps were made at the top of this rise, to give us an easy way up to the top level.



This is our first view of the winding house ruin. This new access leads into here and then down to the bottom forestry road, completing not only another access into the wood, but a circle at the Eastern end of the wood to add interest for those taking a walk and wanting just that bit extra.


The way that we have tried to mark the route.
The piles of wood in the second picture are habitat piles using cut and dead timber. The wood is for wildlife too. Not just us humans.

And finally, our group at work on a Friday. We shall continue to work this area so as to make it more accessible to everyone.

Why not take a walk around this area now.
Walk along the bottom surfaced path towards the gate at Quarry Lane. Just before reaching the gate, look for an orienteering post on the left. This is the start of the newly created path.
Go down here. There are some steps to take you down to the lower level. Soon you will come to more steps that would take you to the green stile and out onto Quarry Lane. To carry on the walk within the wood, bear left at the top of these steps and follow the obvious path into the wood. It starts to climb and eventually reaches more steps. Theses take you to the ruined winding house.
From here you can return to the surfaced path, or join the woodland path. Both returning to Pontac Rd.





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