Marske Quarry

Situated at the South Eastern corner of the wood. Access is gained from Marske via Quarry Lane. Walk to the top, through the gate on the right and up to the forest road that goes West. After about 100m there is a grassy entrance on the left.

Alternatively, you could walk Eastwards through the wood, along the forest road at the foot of the steps above Pontac Road. Look for the same grassy entrance, this time on your right.  

 TVRIGS, Tees Valley Regionally Important Geological Sites, have been awardede a grant to tell the story of Marske sandstone quarry and the fossils found palaeobotanist HH Thomas in the early 1900's. Many of these are now held in the Dorman Museum.

Together with their partners, Friends of Errington Wood, Cleveland Naturalists and Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, the idea is to make the quarry and its finds accessible to community groups, and the public in general.

The production of a pamphlet is well advanced.

The quarry access and vegetation clearing within it has now started and will contine, with FOEW working here each week.

An open day is planned later in the year. This to be in the Errington Wood car park and picnic area, with a visit to the quarry for those interested.

Contact with and involvement of local community groups.

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