On Thursday and Friday, 19th and 20th May  we welcomed New Marske Primary School children to a day of woodland craft demonstrations, together with hands on experiences of wildlife and nature topics associated with the woodland.

This was made possible with the sustainability part of the recent car park and picnic area improvement grant.

Above we see the children being given a display of bodging. This is a craft that the old green woodworkers in the forest would carry out, and it is the production of chair legs being turned on a pole lathe. The term bodger gives our todays terminology of a bodge job. Meaning an unfinished job. The bodgers never finished the chair. The legs they made were passed on to the seat maker to finish the product.

The adjacent photo shows pond dipping supervised by the Wildlife Trust. Here the children were able to take pond creatures out, and identify and scrutinise them under expert guidance


Nearby, the forest school gave a number of activities to the children. They are making dream catchers in the photo, but also looked at creature habitats and nest sites. The younger ones learned of forest inhabitants through cut outs and colouring.

    A popular activity was the snail tray. Here we could watch how snails came out of their shell, moved and fed. There was also the opportunity to experience these moving over ones hands. It was amazing how many children took this chance to experience this.

One other activity was a walk into the wood to look at the woodland in general. To see how it grows. To identify tree species, and to recognise them by their leaves.

Hopefully, this was an enjoyable and useful experience for the children, who have already contributed to the work that goes on in the wood. There will be more visits in the future as the school is to receive equipment and a housing shed, to allow them to carry on and to enhance their knowledge for many years to come.


Keith (our chairman) is presented with leaving gifts from his colleagues after 25 years with redcar & Cleveland Council







On 5th November, we all gathered to see Keith being presented with the gifts that his colleagues had collected for.

Keith had worked for the Council for 25 years and had been instrumental in setting up our volunteer group in Errington Wood.

He is so well known throughout the area, and this was reflected by the number of people coming along from numerous organisations.

There was the usual BBQ and kind words spoken. Above are just a few of the pictures showing what a good day it was. Oh. and the main gift. A hand made penknife that Keith has longed for over many years.
All his other gifts had significancies as you can see from his reactions.

Well done Keith.


Picnic area
The work to the car parking part of the scheme is now nearing completion.
Below are views from each end showing the tarmac road that bisected the parking.


We can now see the result after these tarmac ares have been grassed over. The result is more green picnic and play area, with no loss of parking. Anyone now going from their car to the picnic green, do not have to cross trafficed areas


Work is now ongoing to the footpath below this parking and picnic site, to surface it and create a walk linking into the wood via Sandy Lane.

The Friends are also making improvements to the pine area adjacent to the car park in order to provide a natural walk/play area that is close to parking and, as such, is suitable for the very young and the infirm.






Other news

We carry out projects as we deem them necessary.

Sometimes, these can be acheived by our own efforts, but some are too large and require us to bring in outside help.

This often necessitates applying for grant money.

Successful projects to date are the provision of new entrance gates and the completion of the sculpture trail.

We have also replaced 210 steps that give access to the top of the wood and have repaired a pathway that runs the entire length of the wood.

The latter two, using our own efforts.

The next project is a complete redesign of the entrance, access and parking. This will make a much more welcoming area for visitors. It will be much safer, as we segregate the public areas from traffic. There will also be a newly surfaced footpath suitable for pushchairs and disabled.
The work is due to start in September.

Watch this space for news of progress.

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