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2013 AGM
We held our AGM on Monday evening 28th Oct, in Marske WMC.
After a report from Keith, our chairman, Ann distributed the financial statement for the year. All the officers were reelected.
The main topic after this was a discussion on the Tees valley Wildlife Trust and theirs and our involvement with the Wild green Spaces project. There does appear to be some funding available in the future through this project. We think anything coming our way should be used for access issues. E.g. path repairs etc.
Other business items included the possibility of getting funding from the parish council to cover the cost of our insurance and the production of an electronic information leaflet. QR codes to be placed in the wood, other centres etc so that people can access the leaflet with a smart phone. This way, its easier to keep it up to date and therer aren't the distribution problems. Most people have access to a smart phone now, and its increasing all the time.
The meeting was followed by slides and a talk on the Teesdale Way. Very enjoyable.
An excellent venue. Thanks Derek for organising that.

Poem written by Janet, one of our latest members
Errington Woods

I went off to the woods to chop down some trees!
As a new volunteer they said do as you please
The old art of coppicing is a new one to me
So I picked up a saw and cut off an arm
Helping the sun shine down through the leaves
Clearing, burning. . . it's hard work but it's fun
Done for the pleasure of others - By gum! they will utter
Nature has done a good job I’ll be bound
There’s a clearing around the base of each tree. . .
Folk give no thought to the Friends of Errington Woods
So I want nature lovers and walkers to know “Well done volunteers”
Everyone's welcome any time they are free
Don't be offended if folk shout “Dost thou live in the trees?
Are you licensed to light that big fire?” Be assured, all is under control
The Forester man is versed in the ways of the wood

Now I'm now planning my next woodland adventure
Goodnight to you all - we'll meet once again when it’s time for a trim
Come coppicing do ... there’s nothing quite like it: good luck to the trees





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