Car park and picnic area

A few years ago, we had the idea that the entrance to the wood, including the car park was not too inviting. The layout also lent itself to selfish and sometimes dangerous driving practices. The group aproached Groundwork to find out if funding was possible to change this.
At an initial site meeting we toured the area and discussed proposals, which were subsequently drawn, by a landscape architect, into a plan for the future.
Things went quiet now for some time, but in 2010, after provision of the play builder equipment, the meetings came together again and the project was progressed. with funding of £50000 being made available from the Lottery Community Spaces, via Groundwork Trust.
The whole area is now almost complete. In addition to the funded changes, we, as a group have thinned an area of woodland adjacent to the car park, making it an accesible open area for all sorts of recreation.


Two views of the new layout. Parking bays have been defined using pine trunks. This has been achieved without any loss of capacity.
The circular roadway has been removed, and grassed over, eliminating the traffic conflict, making it safer for people and creating an enlarged picnic space, so that they can relax during their visit.
A number of new trees have been planted, including Cherries and Maples. These will complement those that already exist here, and provide colour and extra interest.
Soon, we will install extra picnic tables, plus barbeque amenities.


Another part of the project was to create a new footpath, making a circular walk from the picnic area via Sandy lane  and linking to existing woodland surfaced paths.
Three years ago we had previously cleared the route of rubbish. All that was needed now, was to find the means of surfacing a pathway and making it accessible.
What we have now, is possibly one of the most picturesque walks in the woodland.


It was felt that the area of woodland directly adjacent to the parking and picnic site was not being made use of, and would benefit from being brought into the area.
Again, we had previously thinned this area to an extent. A further visit has now opened it up with new fencing and seating.


These are the ornamental dummy gates that welcome you as you enter the wood. The next picture is the new gate at the entrance to the picnic field, where the play equipment is situated.

There is to be an official opening of the whole area on April 1st at 10.30am, by the Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland.
As well as invited groups, including children from New Marske Primary School, who have been involved with the bulb planting, you are all welcome to come along from 10.00am to join in with the formalities.

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