The Friends of Errington Wood from the Beginning

In 2004, after publicity in local libraries etc, a group of us met for the first time in a local community centre at New Marske, the closest village to the wood.

Keith Ferry, the then Countryside Officer for Redcar & Cleveland Council wanted a volunteer group to help with the upkeep of the wood. Keith looked after 10 woods, some of which had friends groups and he was looking to expand this to Errington Wood.

We walked the wood, under Keiths guidance, finding out how we should go about this kind of conservation.

This was followed by work days, concentrating on areas where we could learn the appropriate skills and use of tools.

Now, after 6 years, the group are very confident in carrying out thinning tasks, replanting, step building, revetment of paths and many others. Tools having been purchased for this.

During this time, we also learned how to produce charcoal, which we sell for the groups funds. During the Winter, when we thin areas, the brashings are burned, larger wood is stacked for habitat piles. But any that would just rot down, we save for making charcoal. Usually, anything larger than the diameter of ones arm.
Originally, we were given an old kiln that hadn't been too succesful with other groups that had used it. By redesigning the venting, we have managed quite a number of good burns now. This kiln was augmented with a demonstration kiln. One that was half the size and could be transported to places for showing to the public.
Recently, we have bought a new seven foot diameter kiln, which saw it's first burn recently. 57 bags of charcoal were produced from this and it's demonstation brother, each of 5kg.

Keith recently left his position as Countryside Officer, due to Council reorganisations, but has happily stayed on as our Chairman, where his guidance and expertise is greatly valued.

The group is extremely strong and has been successful in seeing the obtaining of funding for a lot of important work. 210 steps have been replaced, a sculpture trail laid out, paths made useable to most people. New entrance gates have been added plus the parking and picnic area at the entrance, is to be upgraded in the next month. We work most Fridays and will always welcome new faces.. If you fancy coming along, then please contact us via this web site to find out where we are working. Just bring yourself and a pack up. You can do as little or as musc as you like.

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